The Journey to Create K.O.’s Therapy Room!

A few months ago, I decided that I wanted to create a therapy room for K.O.  I wanted to create a space that would meet all of his needs, while reclaiming both my dining and living rooms. Currently, his big items – stander, gait trainer, exercise ball and crawl assist – all rest between my living room and dining room.   This does not account for all of the other toys, Legos, ball pit, books, etc. I wanted the room to be big and colorful and have different stations for each activity.  I reached out to a few of his therapists to get recommendations of items that should be added to his therapy room.  It was recommended that I install a swing and get a bolster. 

After spending some time debating of where his therapy room should go, I decided to turn my basement gym into the therapy room (It wasn’t currently getting much use).  Within the past few weeks, the walls have been painted and a rubber floor was installed.  Nana is currently painting and installing shelves in the closet.  This weekend, I am planning on starting to move the equipment to its new home. 

I will share updated photos as the therapy room continues to develop. Please let me know if you have any recommendations on other items that should be included in the therapy room. 

I am so excited about this project! 

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