What’s in Your Diaper Bag: Medical History Sheet

My son has several different medical conditions that requires him to follow with multiple different specialists.  As a result, I often found myself completing new patient paperwork the night before his new patient appointments.  Each set of paperwork asked for the exact same information.  They want to know your medical, surgical and family history.  They want to know what medications you are on and who is your primary care provider.  In order to decrease the amount of time needed to complete the paperwork, I decided to create my own medical history sheet for Kolin.  It gives the quick and dirty of his overall health picture.  I update this sheet whenever any of his medications are changed or if he has a new procedure.  I write “See attached” on the forms and hand it to the receptionist.  Not only does this save time getting ready for your appointments but it also saves time during your visit.  The provider is able to get a clearer understanding of your child’s clinical picture a lot sooner with a lot less questions.  I have attached a simplified version of my son’s medical history sheet.   

Each week, I will share a tip that has kept me organized during our post-NICU life.  I have several items that I keep in KO’s diaper bag at all times.  Stay tuned for next week’s tip! 

Please let me know if you have already created something similar to my medical history sheet or if you plan to start now. 

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