My dearest Kolin,

You, my son, are the light of my life

It is only your smile that can reach the deep and dark crevasses of my heart

Your eyes, so bright, speak to my very soul

I’m sorry that life has not always been kind to you

You have endured so much

But I swear that you make it seem so easy

 You are so strong and determined

A true fighter just like your father

I wish that I could tell you that there would be no more long drives to appointments

No more needles

No more new people touching you and trying to get you to do things

I wish that I could tell you that there would be no more new equipment to get use to

No more procedures

But we both know that that would be a lie

I can however promise you that I will always be there to comfort you during those times

To love on you and tell you that it is going to be alright

To wipe away your tears

To make you laugh and smile afterwards

I promise that I am here with you

Each and every day, I pray for you

And I thank God for your healing that has already taken place and for the healing that is yet to come

I pray to God to guide everyone’s hands who comes in contact you

That He would bless the fruit of their hands and bless their families

I pray that you grow up to be a strong man of faith

Oh, my Kolin, I know that our weeks can be long and our days even longer

But here we stand


Our little family

Together, we will make it

I promise you my love

Mommy is here

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