Oh Jorge, how I wish that you were around to see our beloved Kolin grow up

He is the perfect blend of the two of us

His hair grows up out of his scalp like mine

But his eyes and smile belong to you

His grit and determination come from the both of us

He is such a stubborn and opinionated little boy; you know that comes directly from you

When he was born, the doctors counted him out

He would be blind, deaf, and unable to eat and walk on his own, they said

But Kolin kept fighting

When he came home from the NICU, he couldn’t even move his left arm

But you spent hours working with him, teaching Kolin how to use it

No, he does not have complete movement of his left arm and hand but have you seen him spin an I-phone?  Lol

He is such a sweet happy little boy and his spirit drawn people near

His smile can light up any heart, no matter how damaged it is

I do not know what his future holds

Will he be able to walk? Talk? 

Will he be able to go off to college?  Get married?  Have a family of his own?

I don’t know

But I do know that with a mother like me and a father like you up in heaven praying on his behalf

He will live a great life

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