What’s in Your Diaper Bag: Provider Contact List

Due to my son following with several medical specialists and therapists, the next document I created after his medical information sheet was a contact list with all of his provider’s information.  After a baby is discharged from the NICU, it can be hard (and a bit overwhelming) to keep up with all of the names and addresses of each provider.  Having this document handy was especially helpful when meeting with new providers and I wanted to make sure that the office notes were sent to the right individuals.  KO’s contact list consists of the name, address, number and specialty for every provider that he sees.  This contact sheet is also very helpful when leaving your baby in the care of another individual.  If an issue arises, they can quickly look at the contact list to determine whom they should call.  I have provided a template below for you to download.  If you decide to use, please let me know if you find it to be useful. 

So far, we have discussed having a medical information sheet and contact list in your diaper bag.  What other must haves do you all recommend for NICU parents to keep in their diaper bags? 

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