Meet the NICU Mama Behind “It’s a NICU World!” 

Hi everyone!  I wanted to introduce myself to you all and share my vision behind “It’s a NICU World!”  My name is Ashley, and I am K.O.’s mama.  I hail from the Midwest but am currently living on the East Coast.  I am a board-certified family nurse practitioner and have been working for a family practice for 3.5 years. 

My son, K.O., was born at 25 weeks’ gestation and spent 6 months in the NICU.  There were times when I did not think he would make it out of there alive.  I have never prayed so hard in my life.  During our NICU stay, I was fortunate enough to be able to bond with other NICU families and staff.  After discharge, I was able to reach out to those families and staff for guidance, advice and for a listening ear.

“It’s a NICU World” was birthed both out of my pain and my strong desire to help others who are currently on their own NICU journey.  People think that once a baby is discharged from the NICU, that’s it, all is well.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  I do not think anyone leaves the NICU unscathed no matter how long or short their NICU stay was. I created this space to share with others what I have learned on this journey in hopes that it will makes theirs, lighter.  This space also serves as a way for me to get out all of my thoughts, feelings, frustration and anger.  I had a revelation months ago that my “healing will come from the pen” and thus I write.  

I thank you all for taking the time to read, comment and share my posts.  I thank the NICU Mamas for sharing their stories with us.  I thank the NICU staff for taking the time to share with us a little bit about their roles.  I take none of this for granted. 

No matter how hard this journey has been, it is an honor to be K.O.’s mama.  I know my husband and oldest son are smiling down on us.

Happy Sunday!


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