Sometimes, you have to take a moment to reflect

Reflect on where you started

Reflect on the journey that has gotten you to this place

Reflect on every valley you have crossed and every mountain you have climbed

You have to take a moment to be proud of the person you were then and the person that you are now

Then, take a moment to just stare at your baby and study him (or her) from the top of their head down to their toes

Study the sparkle in their eyes

The curl of their hair

The fullness of their smile

The length of their arms and legs

Remember where they started

Remember how small they were

Remember the journey from there to here

Reflect on every surgery, procedure and scar

And be damn proud of who they are today

Remember every battle that was hard fought and won

Reflect on every challenge, set back and loss

For these are all the of moments that has made you who you are

Never forget how strong, resourceful, capable and resilient you are  

And never forget that your baby is too

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